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Tregre: Moving into Fall 2020

It actually might be time for 2020 to get out of here. I suggested to my wife if we put up the Christmas tree and ... Read more

Ochsner: Returning to sports after COVID-19: Impacts on the heart

Many schools are back in session, and sports have begun to resume. Many parents wonder if and when it’s safe for their children to pick ... Read more

Dupré: Even loveable little fuzzballs can have a nemesis

As Mr. Get Off My Lawn, champion of the aged, cheer-challenged male, I often get asked if I have any enemies – a nemesis, if ... Read more

Michel: Make time to appreciate the present

Despite waking up earlier than usual last Sunday, I almost missed church. The problem with me is that when I have extra time, I take ... Read more

Gloor: Ask Rusty – Can I help my friend with his social security?

Dear Rusty: I am trying to help a good friend of mine who lives in Indiana and is 80 years old. I am very concerned ... Read more

Bonilla: PAD symptoms and treatment options

As the number of seniors in America continues to rise, so has the frequency of vascular, or blood vessel, issues. According to the Cardiovascular Coalition, peripheral ... Read more

Keller: What is success, to God?

When speaking to groups, I usually say that most people want to be successful, without knowing what success is. The best definition I’ve heard is ... Read more

Michel: May your pressures and difficulties turn you toward God

My friend Amy’s mother loved owls so much that she started to collect anything bearing a picture of an owl. Word soon got out and ... Read more

Brock: Preparing for Autumn planting

It’s been a long, crazy summer, but the end is in sight. At least as far as our plants are concerned, we can start planning ... Read more

Browning: Fire Marshal urges generator safety

With another tropical system taking aim at Louisiana, the State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFM) is reminding residents to keep safety in mind when utilizing portable generators. “We ... Read more

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