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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Focus in a time of fear

We live in a world shaken by fear, apprehension and anxiety. The sorry condition of our planet indicates that something has gone terribly wrong. The ... Read more

Keller: Easter is much more than eggs

As Easter approaches, I’m reminded that Easter should be all about Jesus. A story I heard years ago will help me to keep my focus ... Read more

Michel: The results are worth the wait

It was worth the wait. The tiny daylily I planted at the end of last summer has bloomed. Not long after I saw it, I ... Read more

Luquet: Through the eyes of a college student

In the midst of the panic surrounding COVID-19, students all over Louisiana have had to face a transition to online classes and half a semester ... Read more

Keller: Giving means much more than money

When someone talks about a person being generous, what comes to mind is that they’re blessing others with money. Generosity isn’t just about money. It’s ... Read more

Wright: Dialysis patients urged to continue dialysis during COVID-19

COVID-19 has been nothing short of challenging for global economics, quality of life and our nation. My utmost respect goes out to all essential personnel, ... Read more

Boe: The resiliency of the River Region

During these times of uncertainty and difficulty for the entire world, we must take comfort in the resiliency of the people in the River Region ... Read more

How to clean when faced with a shortage of supplies

In light of concerns about COVID-19, various health organizations have issued specific instructions on how to maintain personal safety and cleanliness. These recommendations involve using ... Read more

Clean and disinfect your space

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends straightforward cleaning measures to reduce our chances of contracting COVID-19. Follow the simple tips below to ensure ... Read more

The coronavirus and kids: 10 family learning activities

Learning can happen anytime – even when schools are closed. Here are 10 fun family activities you can do with your children to keep little ... Read more

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