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Fighting the battle of weeds, weeds & more weeds

Summer is definitely here, and the weeds are growing like wildfire. Just about everywhere you look you see weeds in some form or fashion. Weeding ... Read more

God gives us solutions

The Pledge of Allegiance states that we are one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.  I remember while raising a family we ... Read more

Ask Rusty – Understanding survivor’s benefits

Dear Rusty: When my father passed away and we went to update my mother’s Social Security benefits, a question arose that I was confused by. We ... Read more

The future of Alzheimer’s treatment is here

The approval of the drug aducanumab on June 7 by the Food & Drug Administration marked a new phase in the fight against Alzheimer’s.   ... Read more

Marriages & the test of time

When I was younger – late teens and early twenties – I would cry at weddings. The beautiful dresses, flowers and vows would bring me ... Read more

Ask Toni: COBRA issues

Reader Alert:  Many employer benefit group plans terminate the day you are no longer working full-time.  Explore employer group medical plan rules and options with ... Read more

Forgetful? It’s most likely the rigors of growing old

WASHINGTON, DC– It’s not just old-timers who have those “senior moments;” studies show that we gradually begin to find it harder to focus when we ... Read more

St. John Parks and Rec gears up for an active summer

LAPLACE — Mike Sanders’ prolific athletic career included 11 years as a professional basketball player, 14 years as an NBA coach and induction into the ... Read more

Men: Make your health a priority

June is recognized as Men’s Health Month and focuses on ways men can lead healthier lives. Why devote an entire month to men’s health? Typically, ... Read more

Getting motivated in 7 Days

Getting motivated and changing your life in seven  day can be a dream come true if you are willing to follow these simple and easy ... Read more

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